Overstepping the Verge​.​.​.

by Riverain

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released June 29, 2010

Anastasia Ligotskaya - vocals
Daniel Seriy - guitars, keyboards, drums programming
Arthur Naumenko - guitars
Maxim Efimov - bass
Alexander Horoshevskiy - drums

Additional recordings:

Vocals in "Madman"- Liisa Lagoun
Additional voices - J. Ageenko ("The Dream"), A. Naumenko ("The Dream"),
D. Seriy ("Breaking Test", "Spirits of the Forest")

All music and arrangements by D. Seriy and Riverain (except "Madman" - D. Seriy, Liisa Lagoun and Riverain)
All lyrics by D .Seriy, impressed by russian poems by A. Ligotskaya,
S. Kuznetsova, G. Slivankova, N. Karbasova, M. Avdonina

Recorded at SeaStar studio by O. Ligotskiy
Mixed and mastered at KIV studio by I. "KIV" Korolev
Produced by O. Ligotskiy and D. Seriy

Cover design - A. "_aux" Kolpikov
Artwork - A. "_aux" Kolpikov, A. Ligotskaya and D. Seriy
Photos - D. Andrienko

Riverain wishes to thank:
All of our relatives and friends, our beloved ones, all of Riverain's ex-musicians,
everyone involved in the process of creating the album,
all the great bands who inspired us, anyone who support us, our dear fans
and YOU!

Personal thanks to:
A. Osipenko, R. Rjabov, R. Salyakhetdinov - for helping with equipment
A. Kipelova - for all the help and support




Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Riverain Anapa, Russia

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Track Name: The Dream
I recall being all alone
And the silence surrounding me,
I recall everlasting peace,
The infinite tranquillity

Suddenly I have heard the voice,
Omnipresent, pervasive one,
Uttering enigmatic words
Of the spaces forever gone


There was a voice from the endless dark,
There was a gulf I was falling into
Then the dream was cut short by my cry
Who’s my nightmare?

Then there came all-absorbing sound
All the universe sang in tune
And the little and fragile sky
Couldn’t hold up the giant moon

I recall being all and one
And the voices inside my head
I recall everlasting scream
I'm the eyewitness of the end
Track Name: Breaking Test
One way to live, otherwise — death
Life — breaking test, scream is your song
The street is your home and the night is your day
Feel like you live in different world


You're once again running away
Trusting your senses that never betray
Trying to catch sight of friends in the mob
Until your death you'll never stop

Live at full stretch, sing till the end
Wound peoples' hearts by telling the truth
Your fate is to be forever ablaze
You are the only, life is for you
Track Name: Heart of Steel
I have a heart of steel inside my chest
No sufferings, no ache, no pain to feel
Steel has no memories, it needs no rest
No burden can upset the heart of steel


Steel doesn’t know no happiness, nor tears
It is indifferent to torment or delight
It do not care if it’s heat or freeze
From now my destiny and fate is fight!

Fight is perilous and painful – but not for me
Blade, even when it’s broken, has no regrets
Steel doesn’t know what’s laughter or tumbled dream
And when the fight is over it stays itself

I feel neither decedent nor alive
And peace is now more dreadful than din of war
Will there be a chance for me to return to life?
Will I ever be someone I was before?
Track Name: Wizard
Winter wood is dark and perilous
And tracks are quickly covered here with slash
Grey-haired sorcerer is living here
Semi-beast and semi-living man

He will pour his powder into fire
Pitch-dark as coagulated blood
He will see the ones from the beyond
And will hear someone’s imperious call


“Wizard, help me please, let me out of the dark
Give your flesh to me and open the gate
You will live forever, you will never die!
You will get it all… And we will dominate!”

But the aged wizard will not yield
He will challenge spirit to a fight.
And this raging battle he will win
None of his opponents has survived…

The evil is still locked there in the dark,
The old man still performs nocturnal rites
Nothing has disturbed the sleeping gods
But again the wizard hears the cry…
Track Name: Tears Shed In the Sand
When your soul is burning off with grief
When salty rain is washing off your dreams
The Spring is powerless to force out the mist
That’s crept into your soul with winter winds

When poignant anguish’s shining through the lines
When reproaches fill your head with pain
The sorrow song may ease you for a while
Song of tears shed in the sand

Spring doesn’t heal you but intoxicates
And your heart is full of painful fright
Your soul is suffering without a sound
Your life is over, you're dead inside

Let my figure come back to your dreams
Let the past be shining through my eyes
Let my voice be cure for your disease
Let me sing a song of love and lies
Track Name: Madman
The dust of frozen clouds lays down under his heels
The centuries have passed since heaven lost its brightness
The madman walks alone between the riversides
Of raging stream that flows towards the savage canyon
Why, oh why...

The madman cannot see
That there’s no rest in life,
That sunlight is for those
Who have no fear of dying
The river takes away
All passions and vexations
And leaves the chance for us
To open a new chapter

But on the seventh day, the sun rays have got cold,
you'd never know
The twilight heaven's vault has crumbled into pieces,
pieces of my heart
The madman is now gone, the river is still rushing
In some another world, for some another madman
Track Name: Look Me In the Eyes
Look me in the eyes
And you'll see a sombre dark
Look me in the eyes
There's no more fire, not a spark
Look me in the eyes
Tthat long ago were shining bright
Look me in the eyes
I'm not alright


Look into my eyes, believe
Look into my eyes, I'll let you in
Look into my eyes, again
Look into my eyes, I still await...

Look me in the eyes
They are radiant with light
Look me in the eyes
Once again, they are so bright
Look me in the eyes
The dark and grief have gone away
Look me in the eyes
They are the same…
Track Name: Spirits of the Forest
Take the storming wind rose in your hands
Tame the raging bonfires with your rains
When the evening twilight fills the sky
Rise spirits of the forest, in the night


You and me — real and dream
Dark and light, pale and bright
You're my star, you're my guard
When i'm scared, you take care, and I'm safe...
I feel safe

I pass round the bonfire seven times
Raise my eyes and see familiar sight
Dressed in solemn garment, you appear
To protect and help... I have no fear